Why isn’t the air conditioner cooling the house?

If a room is not getting cooled or heated like the other rooms, it’s very likely there are some simple checks to do before calling your service company. Here are some checks:

  • Check the air filters – both at the intake and return if any. They may be dirty or blocked.
  • Check the air registers to the room(s). Are they open, blocked/covered? If they are not, are the windows/doors sealed around the frame? You may have a room that is not well insulated.
  • If there is less air flow through the register, it’s likely the air duct to the room is long, has some restrictions, or a damper may be partially closed. Check the ductwork if it’s in the basement or attic. Open the damper if there’s one.

Simple steps like sealing window and door gaps, drawing the curtains when it’s the height of summer, and closing registers in un-used rooms can only help your A/C and reduce energy bills.

We can do a thorough inspection and energy audit of your home, so give us a call to save on your energy bills this season.