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Save hundreds on Scratch-n-Dents & Discontinued Units

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One of the best kept secrets in the home heating & air conditioning business is the possible availability of purchasing superceded and scratch & dent units and getting a great deal. Imagine saving hundreds of dollars by purchasing a furnace, air-conditioning unit, air handler or heat pump that has either been superceded by a newer model, or has exterior cabinet damage to it, yet carries the full factory warranty. In addition if it is a current year model, the units may qualify for current manufacturers rebates, energy star credits, utility company (gas and/or electric) rebates and even special financing!

Most of the time, the units are kept in an attic, basement, crawl space, utility closet or outside with landscaping masking most of the relatively small damage to the cabinets. Besides, most people don’t even notice homeowners’ ac units because everyone has one!

However, not all sizes and models are available, and different models are only available if and when the damage occurs, from bumps and delivery at the manufacturer’s distributor location. No advance notice is given and the supply is always extremely limited and sold to us on a first come, first served basis only.

If one is available and you are sincerely interested, you need to get it as soon as it becomes available as these deeply discounted units sell out extremely fast, usually within one day of the inquiry to the distributor. Also, keep in mind, if your home needs a two or two and a half ton air conditioning unit, the supplies will go even faster because that is the most common size and will be purchased very quickly. The odds of getting a 1.5 ton unit or 3 tons or more are much better. You cannot back order scratch and dent or superceded equipment due to the unpredictability of the supply of units available that have been damaged.

Another note, if you call us and we don’t have them, no one else will either, because all dealers buy from the same local manufacturer authorized distributors. So calling around to get a better price will only waste your time, and possibly cause you to lose the only one available. So let us check immediately for you of the availability of the type of unit(s) you want, as the inventory changes with no notice. We will usually know within one hour of your inquiry as to what is available, and the investment to you.

Some units may require some modifications to your ductwork to install the equipment properly, and with the highly discounts prices for these units, it is very likely that we can mix or match a system that will save you hundreds, possibly thousands on your new home comfort system!!! So call us now at 770-399-7838 to see if a deeply discounted unit is available for YOUR home!!!