Preventing HVAC Theft

Why do the thieves go to the trouble to steal HVAC systems?  Copper prices have gone through the roof, at over $3 a pound in some places. A lot of people are seeing it as an easy way to make fast money. Since April 2005, the price of copper pipe and tubing has risen nearly 71 percent. Thieves steal it and re-sell it. Air Conditioners are a favorite target for copper thieves because the copper cooling coils can be easily folded and stored. One AC coil could fetch between $50 to $100 in copper.

The salvage yards and recycling plants take it in virtually every form. Copper is 100 percent recyclable and selling scrap copper can be lucrative. Recyclers on average pay 90 percent of the new copper price, or more than $3 a pound for scrap, according to the Copper Development Association.

Recyclers cannot tell if copper items have been stolen because there are no identifiers. This is a major concern for business and also residential owners. Some business owners are responding to the thefts by installing cages or fences around their HVAC units.

If you need help with anti-theft devices, please call us for an evaluation of your infrastructure and learn about options to protect your investment. Having to get an air conditioner replacement can be costly at an inopportune time for you.