Save money with federal tax credits

Utility Company and Energy Star Rebates

Utility Company Rebate Programs

  • Georgia Power Rebate Programs
    Georgia Power offers several different Rebate programs, including a $525 Marathon water heater rebate. Click this link for the Marathon hot water heater $525 Rebate form.
  • Atlanta Gas Light Rebates
    Dump the Pump $1000 Rebate! – Convert your existing home heating system from a total electric or electric heat pump system to a new natural gas furnace or natural gas package unit, and enjoy the comfort and reliability of natural gas heat in your home, along with a $1,000 rebate from Atlanta Gas Light.  This special offer is available exclusively through Natural Gas Advantage Dealers.

    You know that you have to write a check each month to pay for the energy you use, so why not write a smaller one? Shrink your home?s carbon footprint and cut your energy bill when you choose efficient natural gas appliances. Using natural gas reduces greenhouse emissions and particulates in the air — protecting our environment. It is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel with 45 percent fewer CO2 emissions than coal and is also extremely efficient ? 90 percent of natural gas is delivered to appliances as useable energy compared to only one-third of electricity.

    Now, through June 30, Atlanta Gas Light is offering rebates on natural gas furnaces and water heaters. Add in Georgia ENERGY STAR rebates administered by the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority and watch your savings add up.
    Ready to claim your rebate? Apply for your rebate now.

    Visit the Atlanta Gaslight website for more rebates.

  • Jackson EMC Customer Rebate Programs
    Right Choice Sun Power Rebate Program – Solar Powered Homes & Water Heaters – Save on electricity costs every year with your own solar energy system!
  • Greystone Power Rebates
    GreyStone offers members several rebates to help with the expense of conversions or energy innovations.

Energy Star Rebate Program in Georgia

Georgia residents who replace an existing appliance with a new ENERGY STAR qualified appliance purchased on or after February 12, 2010 are eligible to apply for the rebate. Approved applicants will receive a Visa® Prepaid Card via mail. Online purchases are not eligible for a rebate. ACT NOW! This program ends as soon as funds are exhausted. Please note that you must make the appliance purchase before applying for the rebate. For questions or to apply by phone, please call 1-866-296-1633.

Some of these items may also qualify for Federal Tax Credits.

Eligible Energy Star Products Visa Card Value
Air Source Heat Pumps $199
Central Air Conditioners $199
Furnaces – Gas $199
Furnaces – Oil $99
Room Air Conditioners $30
Water Heater Electric Heat Pump $199
Water Heater Gas Storage $50 or $99
Water Heater Gas Tankless $199
Water Heater Solar (electric back-up) $199
Water Heater (gas back-up) $199

Find out the amount of funds remaining in the program and other appliances eligible for the rebate. If you have already purchased a product that qualifies for the rebate, you can click here to apply for the rebate.

Federal Tax incentives: Frequent Questions about Tax Credits

President Bush signed the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008” into law on October 3rd of 2008. The act included an extension of tax credits for residents which had previously been in effect for 2006 and 2007, used for energy efficient improvements. The earlier act expired December 31, 2007. This new act is only for improvement made during the 2009 calendar year and 2008 improvements are not eligible for tax credits.

Residential HVAC products including: Central A/C, Air Source Heat Pumps, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Gas-Oil-Propane Furnaces, and Water Heaters are eligible for tax credits anywhere from $50-$300 and for Geothermal Heat pumps, the tax credit is 30% of the cost of the system, up to $2000.

Keep in mind however, that there are specific requirements and restrictions for the times these items are placed in service, as well as efficiency ratings. Not all furnaces or central ac systems or heat pumps will qualify. As a general rule, 95% efficiency furnaces, 15 SEER Central AC systems, 14 SEER Packaged systems, 15 SEER Air Source Heat Pumps and certain water heaters qualify.

For more complete information visit the AHR Directory of Certified Product Performance webpage or visit Energy Star website for information how to apply.

Tankless Water Heaters

More information is available on Tankless Water Heater Incentives.