All Quality Heating & Air is authorized to do home warranty work for the following companies:

2-10 Home Buyers’ Warranty Broward Factory Service Home Warranty of America Old Republic

All Quality Heating & Air does NOT perform work for American Home Shield Warranty claims.

Read carefully before you call us for any home warranty claim to avoid unnecessary fees.

Home warranty companies will only pay us, the contractor, on your behalf if we strictly follow the guidelines established by their company policies, and the individual policy that the homeowner has. Different levels of homeowner policies have different benefits, and not all benefits or situations are covered by a home warranty policy.

Most homeowners’ home warranty policies will NOT cover damage on a homeowners unit due to LACK OF MAINTENANCE!!! We are extremely ethical to both the Warranty Company and customer by trying to mitigate costs to the homeowner and act as an advocate on their behalf.

If a unit has been poorly maintained or not maintained, which has caused, or lead to the deterioration of an air conditioning or heating system, you MUST PAY US TO PERFORM THE PROPER MAINTENANCE AND CLEAN THE SYSTEM BEFORE WE ARE ABLE TO SUBMIT A CLAIM ON YOUR BEHALF! This is because we cannot properly and accurately diagnose your system and are required to document on the claim form to the warranty company “FAILURE DUE TO LACK OF MAINTENANCE”. If we do this, because it is true and factual, the home warranty company will probably deny your claim and you will be responsible for the payment to us. If for some reason you refuse to pay a contractor assigned to a warranty claim, the warranty company will cancel or suspend your policy.

Costs that are not covered

Also, there are many other non covered costs specified in your home warranty contract that you probably are not aware of. These items include:

  • EPA Fees
  • Refuse Removal
  • Transitions required
  • Obstructions to easy access of equipment
  • Missed appointments or Wait time in excess of 10 minutes
  • Damage resulting from improper maintenance
  • Cleaning of condenser, furnace or evaporator coils
  • Rodent or insect infestation precluding service
  • Moving of furniture or damage resulting from such action
  • Water removal
  • Duct cleaning
  • Broken or damaged equipment due to negligence and not normal wear & tear
  • Upgrades
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Modifications due to change of desired equipment
  • Other miscellaneous items

The prices for these services vary and must be paid prior to the work being performed by the warranty company. That is the warranty company policy. In addition, the deductible must be paid prior to the diagnostic being performed. The warranty company will confirm the amount of non covered costs to you before they will authorize the service or replacement to be performed.

Parts and Replacement Information

If your unit needs to be replaced, most warranty companies will replace your failed existing equipment with the least expensive brand name equipment. Parts are shipped to shop, which means that the warranty company actually orders the equipment and then has it drop shipped to our office. Keep in mind, that we are not responsible for untimely deliveries, and once we place the claim to the warranty company, it is the warranty company’s responsibility to get the correct part(s) to us and in good condition.

We will contact you when the parts come in to schedule an appointment and sometime parts do not arrive until late afternoon. In those cases you will be contacted the following day. We log in the date and time of every part delivery to avoid any confusion on the customers part. Please do not call us to ask if the part is in, as we will do our diligence to contact you, to avoid parts stacking up in the office, which puts us behind. It is important to us to get your claim processed as promptly as possible because the warranty company will not pay us for 30 day, and any delay, will delay our payment from them.

Appointments and Scheduling

By contract, we are required to contact you to make an appointment with you within 24 hours of the time we physically receive the work order from the warranty company and in the order received. The appointments will be set on the first available basis, and may not be after work hours without an emergency work order from the warranty company. Keep in mind, we cannot work on units during inclement weather and if parts are unavailable, there may be a delay due to a shortage by the manufacturer or distributor.

Our Technician’s Responsibility

The technician is not authorized or responsible for determining what the warranty company will or will not pay. They will only do the work that is authorized and paid for by the warranty company and nothing else. Warranty companies pay less than ½ of normal market labor rates, therefore technicians cannot perform extra work without an additional work order or authorization. Any issues regarding your coverage must be directed to the warranty company only, as they are the party responsible for the payment of your invoice, after deductibles and non covered costs. Please contact your warranty company directly if you have questions. Technicians cannot wait longer than 10 minutes for issues on coverage between you and the warranty company.