Owner Responsibilities and Coverage Details

Most reputable air conditioning manufacturing companies, like American Standard, Carrier, Lennox, Trane and others, have special 10 year extended warranties that cover both parts and labor.

The prices of these warranties differ from each manufacturer to the extent that some have fixed prices across the board, others are more expensive by model, some are pro-rata based, meaning; how much time is left on the warranty determines the amount that will be covered on a percentage basis.

Many times a manufacturers’ extended warranty is sold with a new unit and included in the price. The difference between an extended warranty and a regular manufacturers’ warranty is that the labor for the repairs must be paid by the consumer for non extended warranties.

It is also important to note that not all extended warranties are covered by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers “extended warranties” are actually sold to third parties who may or may not be in business should your unit fail.

As a rule of thumb, any failure of an internal component is covered unless it fails due to neglect, failure of the owner to perform recommended routine maintenance, or an act of God. There are some exclusions from different manufacturers, which you must check to be sure if these apply to your situation.

Most require regular equipment maintenance, however, the optional extended warranty will not provide coverage for items subject to normal wear and tear, or otherwise replaced as a matter of routine maintenance by an authorized manufacturers service provider. If a component failure is discovered during the performance of routine maintenance, reimbursement for the part and labor may be provided subject to contract guidelines.

Here are some guidelines on coverage details:

  • Air filters, drain lines, condensate pumps, refrigerant lines, ducts, electrical wiring and other external components or other equipment not listed as a covered item on the Optional Extended Warranty Agreement, are not covered.
  • Repairs to correct failures or malfunctions that are not considered manufacturing defects, such as those resulting from fire, storms, water, earthquake, faulty power supply, theft, riot, misuse, abuse or the improper selection, installation, or application of the equipment are not covered
  • Repairs to alter the equipment to meet changes in Federal, state or local codes or regulations are not covered.
  • Any freight on parts is not covered
  • Premium labor charges by the Servicer for repairs, which are required during other than normal working hours, are not covered.
  • Expendable supplies needed such as welding supplies, shop rags, screws, bolts or nuts, or other miscellaneous overhead items are not covered.
  • Any work performed by any Servicer not approved by the specific manufacturer is not covered.
  • Failures or malfunctions on equipment installed in corrosive environments are not covered. This includes, but is not limited to, dry cleaners, beauty salons, printing facilities, and pet care facilities.
  • Failures or malfunctions on compressor bearing equipment in which the age of the equipment exceeds ten (10) years are not covered.

Be sure to check the language for your particular manufacturer extended warranty. The details are usually further explained in the Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions. We can provide a copy for your review when you call us to service your equipment.