10 Tips to Reduce Your Heating Bill

10 Tips to Reduce Your Heating Bill

The winter months are here, and the economy, and soaring energy costs have us avidly searching for ways to stretch our cash. Here are a few low cost, and very simple tips for reducing your electricity bill this winter, and keep that money in your pocket.

1. Turn off extra lights. This is probably the simplest way to conserve, and probably the most overlooked as well. Turn off lights, TV’s and radios when you leave the room, and teach your kids to do the same.

2. Lower your thermostat and bundle up. By lowering your thermostat by just one degree, you can reduce your energy use by at least 3%. Make a point of wearing socks or slippers around this house because if your feet are cold, your whole body will also feel cold. So rather than turning up your heat, grab a sweater or a blanket and bundle up.

3. Make use of natural light. In addition to being refreshing, the rays of the sun help to heat the house. So during the day pull back those drapes and let the sun shine in! But, remember to pull them back at night to keep the heat from escaping out of the windows.

4. Turn down your water heater. By lowering your water heater’s temperature from 140 to 120 degrees, you can really cut costs, and hardly notice a difference. Make sure to fix any leaky faucets.

5. 6 hours is just enough, to have your holiday lights aglow. Turn them on at sunset, and turn them off before turning in for the night.

6. Make use of what is already there. You can tap into heat generation in simple things you do everyday. Leave the oven door open after cooking, and leave the bathroom door open, and the vent system off when you shower and let the steam heat the area.

7. Close off rooms that aren’t in use. It is cheaper to heat a small area than a large one. Reserve your heat for the area where you spend most of your time. Close vents in unused rooms.

8. Don’t let your heat escape. Keep the doors and the windows shut tight when you have your heater running. Make sure your fireplace flue is closed when not in use to minimize the loss of heat.

9. Check those filters! Clean and clear filters are a must for a heating systems – dirty filters can make your heating costs increase.

10. Hire a Professional. At least once a year you should have your heating system inspected by a professional. Proper routine maintenance keeps your heating unit efficient and can save you money.