Common Problems with Heating and Cooling Ducts

Common Duct Problems
Seal Your Heating and Cooling Ducts Ducts are used to distribute conditioned air throughout houses with forced-air heating and cooling systems. In typical houses, about 20 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. The result is an inefficient HVAC system, high utility ... Read more

Dual Fuel Systems and Heat Pumps

Dual Fuel Heat Pump
Let us help you understand what a heat pump is, because many people still have difficulty understanding just how a heat pump works and how an air conditioner can provide heat and keep you warm. Heat pumps can operate on gas or electricity. What is a heat pump? Definition of a heat pump for inquiring ... Read more

Back-up Power Generators

Trusted solution for emergency power! When power goes out, your home comfort is on the line. The Carrier home comfort system is tailored to meet your needs for a totally automatic backup power source to your home. Standby generators can run on natural or LP gas and have automatic startup and shutdown controls. Benefits You ... Read more

Refrigerant Gas and the Law

Freon is a refrigerant used for most home heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) units in America. While only a brand name of DuPont, the name “freon” often represents all HCFC refrigerants. The makeup of freon includes hydrogen, carbon, fluorine, and chlorine, or HCFC (hydro chlorofluorocarbons).

How to take care of your air conditioning system

Common problems with existing air conditioners result from faulty installation, poor service procedures, and inadequate maintenance. Improper installation of your air conditioner can result in leaky ducts and low airflow. Many times, the refrigerant charge (the amount of refrigerant in the system) does not match the manufacturer’s specifications. If proper refrigerant charging is not performed … Read more

Tips for air conditioner or heat pump

Below are some tips, advice and maintenance guidelines for your outdoor air conditioner and/or heat pump. These tips are for better efficiency, longer life, and easier service. Most of the information here applies to both air conditioners and heat pumps. But read carefully, some of the information is for one or the other. If you … Read more